Warren Miller, Filmmaking Pioneer

Warren Miller passed away last week at 93 years old. He was truly a pioneer in the ski industry and nearly every action sports film maker owes him a huge debt of gratitude for being among the pioneers of the industry. I read his autobiography a few years ago and was surprised at the number of ups and downs in his life. Tough childhood in LA, very entrepreneurial throughout life, ended up on the USC basketball team, made surf films early on, and faced some tough financial troubles brought on by people close to him.

Much of his time was spent away from home either filming or touring, which he seemingly both regretted and felt necessary. He was truly dedicated to ski industry, and remained upbeat, driven and goofy throughout his career, driven to expose skiing to as many people as possible. He certainly was influential in exposing previously unknown ski resorts to the masses, certainly pushing more to get out in the mountains.

On Wednesday, January 24, Warren Miller, renowned ski filmmaker and outdoor industry icon, passed away of natural causes. He was 93. A California native, Miller purchased his first camera for 39 cents at the age of 12. In college at the University of Southern California, Miller pursued both academics and his passion for adrenaline-fueled sports like skiing, surfing and speed skating until he enrolled in USC’s officer training program at the beginning of WWII. From there, he joined the Navy, and at the end of his service in 1946, he jumped on an opportunity to pick up the camera once again and film his ski explorations in his home state.

from the post Reflecting on Warren Miller: Ski Filmmaker Icon at Backcountry Magazine

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