Learn to Sail in the Bay Area

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If you’ve ever driven across any of the bridges in the Bay Area, you’ve likely spotted at least a sailboat or two cruising around the bay. On a beautiful sunny day, sailing San Francisco Bay looks like one of best ways to spend some time outdoors in the Bay Area. For those without a boat, there are plenty of places to rent sailboats. And if you don’t know how to sail yet, learn to sail there are plenty of options to take sailing lessons in the Bay Area.

Below, we’ve listed details on 8 places that offer sailing lessons. Most are affiliated with either theĀ American Sailing Association (ASA)or US Sailing. Both organizations have similar certifications that can be attained for basic keelboat sailing and coastal cruising, as well as more advanced sailing lessons.

Soon you’ll be sailing the bay with beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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