Small Monkey's Fist Door Stop (8"x5")

By: Moby Dick Specialties

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Your grandfather was an expert when it came to tying knots. He was a 1st class petty officer in the war, and he regularly regaled you with tales of his adventures at sea, instructing you on everything from how the men in his brigade made their beds to how they spent their down time rolling their own cigarettes and penning letter to loved ones at home.From his first-hand account of the second World War, he bestowed upon you his expertise in everything that had to do with life on a naval ship. In his retirement, he spent his idle time sailing along the coast of Cape Cod, cooking bluefish caught from his "secret" spot on the beach, and instructing you on the timeless art of tying nautical rope knots.What inspired him to enlist in the first place was his love for the sea, a love realized as a young man working on the docks in Nantucket. When the whaling ships and sailing vessels would roll in, the deck hands would toss him a line, and the crew would descend from their boat in an attempt to enjoy a night on dry land. Weighted for added accuracy, the men would toss him a rope with an age-old knot that would make his duties on the dock just a little bit easier...Monkey's Fist Rope Door Stop, perfect for holding open lightweight interior doors. Weighs just 2 lbs. Measures 8" H x 4" in diameter.

  • ADD A NAUTICAL TOUCH TO ANY ROOM. Monkey's fist rope design adds nautical style to any home.
  • CHARMING RUSTIC STYLE. Made from natural rope, this doorstop adds natural, rustic style to any room.
  • PROP OPEN ANY INTERIOR DOOR. Measuring 8" x 5" and weighing just 2 pounds, this doorstop is perfect for propping open lightweight interior doors.
  • MADE IN THE USA. This rope doorstop features durable American-made craftsmanship.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT. This doorstop is a great gift for anyone that loves nautical decor.
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