Small America Model Ship (25"x23"x5")

By: Moby Dick Specialties

Sold Out $119.00

One of the America's Cup winners from the 19th century, the America, was one of the fastest boats of its' time. The history continues, for this exciting and masterfully built yacht, in the year 1851 when the America also won the One Hundred Sovereign Cup. Queen Victoria, who was watching the race said,Who is in second place? and she received the famous reply, ''There is no second, your Majesty.'' How she must've marveled at the glory of the America then. You can enjoy the same marvel that she felt. Master craftsmen have captured all the glory, down to the finest detail of the America. Metal detailing, complicated rigs, and majestic canvas sails just bring this replica to life. Designed to fit into smaller spots on your office desk, in your nautically themed game room, pool house, bookshelf, or kitchen counter it measures 25 tall, 23 long and 5 wide making this a true miniature.
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