Skipper Bottle Opener (5"x1.5")

By: Moby Dick Specialties

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  • SHOW YOUR LOVE OF THE SEA. This opener features "SKIPPER" engraved on the handle - perfect for "skippers" of all kinds.
  • USE IT IN YOUR KITCHEN OR ON THE GO. This bottle opener can be stored in your kitchen or packed in your travel cooler.
  • SOLID METAL CONSTRUCTION. This bottle opener features solid construction with a brass finish.
  • INTRICATELY DETAILED DESIGN. This bottle opener has a substantial feel with interesting details and texture.
  • A PERFECT GIFT. This bottle opener makes a great gift for anyone who loves nautical accessories.
As a child, you longed for those summer Sundays when you would go sailing with your brothers. Several years older than you, they did the heavy work of steering, monitoring the wind, and trimming the sails, allowing you to relax and enjoy your days lounging in the sun and feeling the sea breeze blow through the air. But even as a child, when your knowledge of sailing was limited at best, your brothers always made you feel as though you were an important part of the crew and, for good measure, generously granted you with the nickname Skipper. Now, as an adult, you're proud to say that you've become a bit of an expert over the years and, whether your vessel is docked or getting ready for a regatta, you're always ready to do the most serious tasks on board. Today, with your brothers coming to take their first trip on board your very own catboat, you're ready to show them just how much you've learned. Before you set sail, you meet the boys for lunch at your favorite dockside market. After hugs, kisses, and introductions to a few local friends that they've never met, your oldest brother hands you a small gift bag, swears it's just something little, yet lets you know that it's something you're going to love. And it is. Skipper Bottle Opener, made from solid brass with one-piece construction. Measures 5" long x 1.5" tall, perfect for using at home or packing inside your cooler
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