Damper Hook for Fireplace Solid Brass (10.5"x1.5")

By: Upper Deck

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  • A STYLISH SAFETY PRECAUTION. This damper hook adds style and a measure of safety to your fireplace.
  • MADE FROM SOLID BRASS. This damper hook adds a stylish and functional touch to any fireplace.
  • READY TO HANG. A metal hook is attached for easy hanging above your fireplace.
  • DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN. One side indicates that the chimney flue is open while the other side indicates that it is closed.
  • A PERFECT GIFT. This damper hook makes a great gift for anyone with a fireplace in their home.
Between the old cobblestones and the broken pavers, you aren't quite sure if your sandals will endure the walk up the driveway, but you have to persist. When you heard that your childhood home was up for sale, you just knew that you had to make it to the realtor's open house. You hadn't been inside for decades, and you might not ever get the chance to do so again. As you climb the creaky stairs to the wrap-around porch, your immediate thought is that it seems much smaller now than it had back then. It makes sense that people say the places from your childhood look much less intimidating when you go back and visit them as an adult, but this is the first time you've actually had the chance to experience that for yourself. Once inside, you wander from room to room, past the kitchen where you enjoyed your daily cereal, past the large open living room with the old stone fireplace in one corner. You pause for a moment, remembering a time when your grandmother came to babysit and decided to light in the log in the fireplace to keep you cozy and warm. Little did she know that mom and dad had not yet had the flue cleaned or the damper opened. Damper Hook For Fireplace - Solid Brass, constructed from solid brass with a sturdy hook that hangs above your fireplace. One side indicates the damper is open - the other side lets you know it's closed. Measures 10.5" x 1.5"
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