Chicago Wood Nautical Chart (13.5”x31”)

By: Woodchart

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  • SHOW OFF YOUR LOVE OF CHICAGO. This engraved topographic map offers a unique and beautiful way to display the places you love with a framed piece of wall art.
  • INTRICATELY DETAILED AND ACCURATE. Each chart is designed by a professional cartographer and extensively labeled to ensure accuracy.
  • A TRUE CONVERSATION STARTER. This chart is made from laser-engraved layers of Baltic Birch which are stacked to create a 3D map that gets noticed and starts conversations.
  • READY TO DISPLAY. Framed in a beautiful dark wood frame covered in shatterproof glass and featuring pre-attached hanging material on back.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT. Give a gift that reminds someone of the place they love with a unique gift they'll display and love for years.
It’s a common belief, or myth, that we’re all a product of our environment, but you realize now that you need to take a step back to understand the world as it existed before you and as it will, hopefully exist, long after you have moved on or moved away. As a child on your grandfather’s boat, you learned the finer points of sailing, including how to signal if you ever found yourself in distress and how to communicate, through nautical flags and symbols, with other boats and passersby. Despite his incredible knowledge of life at sea and all things nautical, the one thing he could not impress upon you, no matter how hard he tried, was the beauty of nature and the unencumbered power of the sea. As an adult, years after that first sailing trip, you realize that there’s something quite powerful and emotional about the landscape and topography deep beneath the water you sail upon. You no longer take for granted that the oceans are as they have always been, and you no longer doubt that the world you live in now will be the same as the world you knew so many decades ago. Chicago Wood Nautical Chart, crafted by professional cartographers and laser etched to precision. This textured bathymetric chart is cut from Baltic birch wood and finished to highlight the wood’s natural grain. Measures 13.5” x 31”
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