Brass Pineapple Door Knocker by Colby Smith

By: Colby Smith

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Your mother always stressed the importance of making a great first impression, and if there was ever a time to heed her advice, it would be now. With the new furniture in place, the pillows strewn at just the right angles, and the lawn manicured to perfection, it's finally time to welcome your in-laws in to see your new home.
Your mother-in-law is sweet, yet set in her ways, and you can't help but feel the subtle pressure put upon you to make your home a perfect haven for her only son. It's understandable that she wants him to have it all, and you have made it your mission - at least for this visit - to make sure that she realizes you are the best thing in his world.
You give the living room and kitchen a final once-over. The windows are spotless, the floor, ready to be eaten from. You know you've gone a little overboard for this visit, but you wouldn't have it any other way.
From the living room you can see their car pull into the driveway. A moment later, you hear the rapping on the door. Fluffing your skirt and smoothing your hair, you open the door with a beaming, welcoming smile. Your mother-in-law greets you with a soft, warm smile as she says, "what a beautiful doorknocker."

Antique Brass Pineapple Door Knocker by Colby Smith, handcrafted from solid brass. Includes hardware for mounting on any wood, metal, or fiberglass/composite door.

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