Brass Lobster Door Knocker by Colby Smith

By: Colby Smith

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Delicious to eat and undeniably distinctive, the lobster is one of the most noteworthy crustaceans in the water. From the tip of Maine to the coast of Cape Cod, the lobster is more than just an option on a dinner menu - it is a symbol of what it means to experience and enjoy life along the coast. The Lobster Doorknocker from Colby Smith is a fine example of craftsmanship in sand-casted red brass with the pincher claws and segmented tail that give it its beauty and charm, measuring approximately 10.5" x 6.5".
Whether you live inland and love the bright red lobster as an occasional meal or live on the water and enjoy it as part of day to day life, the lobster doorknocker can be used to add beauty, whimsy, and function to any door. Hang it on a door in your summer house or hang it on a door in any year-round home decorated with nautical style.
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