Antique Reproduction Nautical Fish Rustic Iron Hook Peg (5.5"x 2")

By: Moby Dick Specialties

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Some of your best memories involve fishing off the dock with your dad and your brothers. Sometimes, you would reserve a charter boat and go deep sea fishing for tuna, other times you would stake your place on the beach and hunt for hungry bluefish. But most of the time, you carried your pole and tackle box to the pier and cast your link and sinker in the hopes of snagging the seemingly ever-present fluke. Over the years, you'd learned a thing or two about the art of fishing and the power of patience, and you were never one to shy away from scaling, gutting, or cooking the catch of the day. Though it's not something you do often now, the very sight of a fisherman on the jetty takes you right back to that moment, and you always enjoy the memories that a lonely fisherman can conjure in your mind. Today's task is much easier - your only job to hang some artwork and decorate with a few nautical accessories that will make your beach house feel like a warm family retreat. You have just one last piece to hang in the entryway, and once you've attached the screws, you stand back, admiring your work with a heartfelt smile. Antique Reproduction Nautical Fish Rustic Iron Hook Peg, made from heavyweight cast iron with a rustic finish. Measures 5.5" x 2" with one hook that protrudes about 1" from wall
  • Measures 5 1/2 x 2 inches; hook sticks out about 1 inch
  • Made of cast iron; heavyweight
  • Screws not included
  • PLEASE NOTE: Lighting in photo makes the hook appear lighter in color - it is a rustic iron color
  • Made by Moby Dick, imported
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