Caught Adrift curates lifestyle goods for nautically inspired living, with unique decor, apparel, and outdoor products from boutique brands found around the world.


Like many origin stories, the start of Caught Adrift is a bit murky. It wasn’t so much founded as stumbled upon. And although the first version of our store was opened in late-2015, the inspiration began years earlier.

We were running our own apparel brand. We had some great products, but there were many products we knew could be better, if only we had more time. Still, customers were asking for more new products, and our own brand couldn't keep up with the demand. At the same time, small brands and artists began contacting us about carrying their products. So we started offering a handful of products from a couple select brands.

Customers loved the new products, and even more brands began contacting us. In many cases, we were amazed by the quality and uniqueness of the products we were approached with and we knew there were more out there.

Over time, other brands became the focus of our business, at least from our perspective. From the customer perspectives, our brand was confusing.

Eventually, we made the decision to launch Caught Adrift with a mission to connect customers with unique goods from boutique brands found around the world.

We don’t have a strict set of criteria, but there are four primary things we look for in products and brands:

Nautically-inspired: Referring more to a lifestyle than a theme, we look for products inspired by mornings on boats, weekends at the beach and evenings entertaining friends.

High-quality: We only carry things we want to own personally. In many cases, we do.

Timeless Style: Gadgets are great but you won’t find those here. We look for unique takes on classics with items and styles that will still be popular for years to come

Boutique: We like discovering new brands that many people haven’t heard of - yet.

We’re just getting started and have a lot of ideas in mind. We’ll continue work to create a better shopping experience, listen to your ideas, and connect you with products we find CaughtAdrift