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Why Trust Us

Andrew Maury

Tuesday Sep 06 2016

We've added a small trust seal in the lower left corner to help tell you why you can trust us. We're not entirely sure we'll keep the icon, but are looking at ways to let you know a bit more about us. 

Our site is new (less than a month old!) and we understand may be hesitant to trust us. These seals show that you can trust us with your payment info, thousands of others have shopped with us, and you get a great return policy. Here's a bit about those seals, and some extra info about us.

    • Location: Our office is located about 25 minutes south of San Francisco in Burlingame, CA. Only about 5 minutes away from the Bay, and a short drive to the ocean!
    • PCI Compliance & SSL Certificate: In case these doesn't mean anything to you, we're happy to explain. These are security features that should be on all sites where you submit payment info. SSL certificates are relatively common, but PCI compliance less so. These assure your data is encrypted in order to protect your address and payment info. (By the way, we also accept PayPal and Amazon payments, each of which relies on their trusted security.)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We accept returns up to 30 days from the day you receive your order. If you need to make a return, just contact us and we'll take care of you. 
    • Secure Infrastructure: As we've mentioned before, we run on Shopify, which we believe is the best ecommerce platform, both for us and, more importantly, you! It's like having a dedicated development team always working to improve the backend of the store so it runs better for you. 
    • Store Reviews: Although this site is less than a month old, we've been around for a longtime, and thousands of customers have shopped with us. We launched CaughtAdrift on Amazon in late 2015, where we currently have a perfect record with 814 positive reviews (currently). We've also run our sister site, Nantucket Brand Clothing Co., maker of colorful bottomwear, since 2010, where we have 1000s of happy sailors.