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What Makes a Product Enduring

Andrew Maury

Thursday Nov 10 2016

Last month, we discussed the five factors we consider when choosing new products and brands for our shop. We listed five words: quality, value, enduring, boutique, and sustainable.

We gave a few details about what we mean by each of those, but it didn't feel quite sufficient, given that each of those words is quite subjective. We wanted to tell you more about what we mean by each of these attributes in further detail. A couple weeks ago, we wrote about quality. Today, we're going into more detail about what we believe makes a product enduring. 

Why Enduring is an Important Quality

"Style is timeless. It transcends generations - it's enduring. If you're thinking about fashion, it's of the moment. And that doesn't mean that it's not important at times to embrace trends and that type of thing, but style is less about trends than it is about how you carry yourself."
- John Varvatos American designer

When we evaluate new products for our shop, we specifically look for products that have an enduring quality. We don't chase after the latest trends or fads, and instead prefer products that we have a sense of timelessness.

As a consumer, it's quite unsatisfying to see something you just purchased become obsolete or out of style. We've certainly done so, and we don't want that to be a concern with the products in our shop. When evaluating new products, we look for products that  are great now, and will be great in another five, ten, or even twenty years. 

We can't predict what exactly what styles and lifestyles will be like in twenty years, but we've found looking backwards to be a big help. Products and styles that have already proven popular for many years are a good bet. Likewise, products that tell stories or convey emotion are also likely to be enduring. 

Differing Meaning Among Categories

Clearly, not every product we sell will last twenty years and therefore, that's not the only way we evaluate whether a product is enduring. The type of product, and it's intended use, plays a big role. 

Products like candles are meant to be used and clearly can't last more than a few uses. However, candles have been used for years and likely aren't going away anytime soon. 

Most apparel products won't last 20 years, especially with much of any use. However, we still look for styles that will last. For example, baseball caps have been popular and probably will continue to be so for years. 

There are products that you can buy now, and still count on being used in 20 years. Door knockers are a great example. They made need some polishing, but they'll work just the same and look just as great. 

Some Types of Products Don't Fit

This criteria means there are entire product categories that don't make sense for us. b Basically any technology product cannot be considered to be enduring, from our definition. We're big fans of technology, but the changing nature is at odds with enduring qualities. 

Similarly, suddenly trending fashions can't be classified as enduring either. While new products may some prove enduring, you won't seem them in our shop until proven over a longer course of time. 


We want you to be confident that you'll be happy with your purchase next week, and years from now. When selecting new products for our shop, we take this into consideration as one of our five primary criteria.