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We Have Launched on Shopify

Andrew Maury

Thursday Aug 18 2016

We're excited to announce the launch of our CaughtAdrift Shopify store. We've been by selling on our Amazon store in October last year and began working on our Shopify store towards the beginning of this year.

Our Amazon store has seen a lot of success since we launched, and it continues to be our focus. However, we're out to build our own store that provides unique benefits not available on Amazon, while continuing to provide many of the same conveniences of shopping on Amazon.

We're excited to launch a store on our own domain, primarily because it helps us provide a better experience for you. We chose Shopify because it's recommended by Amazon, plus gives us the chance to provide an excellent shopping experience for you. Here's a few things we think you'll like about shopping our store:

  • Unique Products. Interesting products not yet available on Amazon, typically at special introductory prices. Initially you'll see much of the same, but we have much more coming soon. 
  • Curated Collections. Shop without all the hassles of low-quality products, poor photos, and incomplete information. You'll love the style, quality, and value of the products we sell. 
  • Easy Checkout. Checkout using your Amazon, PayPal, or Stripe account - or use a credit card. We want to make it as easy as logging into your favorite payment account to check out. 
  • Upfront Shipping Times. We utilize Amazon's fulfillment service to ship most orders, which means most orders ship within 1 business day. Some items will take longer to ship. In that case, we indicate the lead time directly on the product page. 
  • Personal Communication, Professional Service. Have a question about an item? Ask and we'll reply. And if there's a problem with your order, we promise to make it right. We've got a perfect record of customer satisfaction from over 750 Amazon customers (as of the time of writing). 

We're announcing this relatively quietly, only announcing via a small advertising campaign while we get some things ironed-out. We're happy to hear your ideas and feedback at any time - just leave a comment below or click to contact us