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March Giveaway: Enter to win a Clever Coffee Dripper by Homewara

Jamie Sands

Tuesday Mar 07 2017

We've got a new sweepstakes for you to enter to win a Clever Coffee Dripper by Homewara.

Make more flavorful coffee with the Homewara Clever Coffee Dripper. This immersion style manual coffee maker puts the grounds right in the hot water during the brewing process, rather than the water simply passing through, as in most other brewers. The result is a better tasting cup of coffee.

While testing out similar clear coffee makers, we noticed the color changes after many uses, becoming cloudy and stained, to the point we didn't want it on the kitchen counter. To address this, we chose a sleek opaque black color that continues looking good after hundreds of uses. (Trust us - we use it every day in our office!)

The Homewara Clever Coffee Dripper is an incredibly easy to use manual coffee maker. Put the dripper on the provided coaster, line with a #4 size filter, and put in enough grounds for a single cup of coffee. Then pour your hot water in slowly and give it a stir. We recommend about 10 slow full stroke stirs. Wait about 3 minutes and then place on top of your mug or thermos. This will cause the valve to release your freshly brewed coffee, ready for you to enjoy.

Have any questions? Please ask away. We're big coffee drinkers, and use the Homewara Clever Coffee Dripper every morning.

See more details about this in our Amazon shop.

To enter, sign into the sweepstakes below. You'll then have a number of options for bonus entries, including referring friends (know anyone that might love this?).

Contest ends Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at 11:59pm PST. 

Clever Coffee Dripper by Homewara Giveaway

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