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Introducing the Homewara™ Clever Coffee Maker (and a Free Giveaway)

Jamie Sands

Saturday Jan 28 2017

At CaughtAdrift, we're big coffee drinkers. There's a handful of great coffee shops near us, and while we love going to them, we also like to be able to make a great cup of coffee in our office - or at home. 

We decided to try to upgrade our coffee by getting whole beans from some of the local shops. After grinding the beans, we put them in our trusty electric machine that we've had for years. The coffee tasted better, but it still wasn't the same as at the shop. 

To fix that, we started doing some research, both online and at our local coffee shops. We noticed that a good cup of coffee has a slow filter, allowing the water to brew longer and capture more flavor from the coffee grounds. 

We started searching for an immersion coffee dripper and decided to try out a device called a clever coffee dripper. Immediately, our coffee tasted better. It took slightly longer than the electric machine, but the improved flavor was worth the extra couple of minutes. 

After a few weeks of use, we noticed the original clear color had started to stain with remnants of the coffee. It didn't look right sitting in our kitchen, and guest were unsure about the cleanliness of the coffee we offered them. 

Unable to find a solution, we decided to make our own under our homegoods brand, Homewara™. The result is an opaque black coffee dripper that looks just as good now, after hundreds of uses, as when we first got it. 

We just received our first shipment and are happy to announce that it's available to order now. To celebrate the release, we're giving away 5 for free. 

Use the form below to enter - or shop now on Amazon. The sweepstakes entry period ends on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 11:59pm PST and we'll draw the winners shortly after that.

Be sure to let your coffee-loving friends know, since you can gain extra entries be referring others!

Homewara Clever Coffee Dripper Giveaway

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