CaughtAdrift Blog

Improving the Store

Andrew Maury

Thursday Aug 25 2016

We've made a few updates around our site since we first launched, with the goal of improving your experience. Here's a few of the things we've changed since we first launched:

  • Better categorization. We noticed there were many products missing from the top level categories, instead only appearing in subcategories. We fixed that so all products are shown in top level categories now. 
  • Faster integration with Amazon Fulfillment. As of this writing, all of our products ship via Amazon's fulfillment center, using their Multichannel Fulfillment service. We previously had to manually send orders to Amazon for fulfillment. This is now automated so that your order will ship faster. 
  • Better tagging. We've added more tags to products to help you find more products that may interest you. Click on tags on product pages, or search for tags to find products. 
  • Improved images. We've been busy upgrading the images for many items. Unfortunately, on Amazon we don't always control the product pages for items we sell. Now that we have the ability to control our site, we're been moving existing image, and editing imperfect images (thanks to Pixelz), as well as taking new photos with the help of a lightbox

We've got plenty more things to come on our list, but if you notice any problems - or have any great ideas, leave us a comment below!