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Closed for Thanksgiving Weekend

Andrew Maury

Thursday Nov 24 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's our first Thanksgiving since we opened a few months ago. Unlike most retailers, we won't have any crazy sales this weekend. In fact, we're closing our shop entirely. 

As we mentioned last week, we're working on some changes to our shop. Some of those are already in progress, including changes to our payment methods, email notifications, and order fulfillment process. We had hoped to have them done sooner, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. 

We won't be working the next four days, and don' feel comfortable leaving the site open while things are just partially complete. There's a chance we could end up taking orders for out of stock products, sending you too many emails, or otherwise providing less than stellar service. 

While you may be disappointed that we won't have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, we don't want to risk disappointing you. Besides, Thanksgiving is a great holiday and the days after should be enjoyed with friends and family. 

Next week, we'll be back at work and should have things up and running again soon. Once we do, we just may hold a sale. Want to be notified? Sign up for our email list at the bottom of our site.