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Better Photos with Unsplash

Andrew Maury

Thursday Sep 01 2016

Although we just launched, we've been using some of the same photos on our site for months while developing the site. While there were some great photos, we were quite frankly getting sick of seeing them - and thought some of you may start to feel the same way if we didn't change things up occasionally. 

Rather than trying to remember to post new photos every few weeks, we decided to automatically update our photos regularly, with high quality photos we think you'll love. 

Unsplash curates free-usage photos from around the internet. Unlike some similar sites, their quality is top-notch. The best part is they provide an easy way to pull photos from their collection onto other sites. We've updated our site to use random (updated daily) photos from specific collections in Unsplash. These are in use on our homepage slideshow, various collection headings, our blog, and some informational pages. 

Hope you enjoy the pretty photos. Let us know if you have any suggestions.