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5 Criteria for Selecting New Brands & Products in Our Shop

Andrew Maury

Thursday Oct 13 2016

Over the past two weeks, we've asked your help in suggesting new products and brands to carry in our shop. We've got a good idea of the types of brands that fit well, but realized we haven't shared that with the people that matter the most: our customers. 

Instead of asking you to suggest products and brands out of the blue, we wanted to tell you more about the criteria we look at when selecting new products to carry. The criteria is subjective, and not every products fits all of our criteria yet. However, we put a lot of importance in the following five criteria: 

  • Quality. This is a mandatory requirement of all items in our shop. We only carry products if we are confident in the quality. Whether it's something you display, use, or wear, if it's sold in our shop, we're willing to vouch for the quality and urge you to contact us if you ever find differently. We're happy to make it right because you want to shop confidently knowing our products are of great quality. 
  • Value. Another mandatory for all items, we only carry goods that are a good value, measured by whether we'd be willing to spend our own money on the item. In fact, we look at products we've purchased personally for ideas of new products to cary. Typically, you'll be able to find both lower and higher priced alternatives to the products we carry, but we look for items that provide the best value, typically a mid-tier price.  
  • Enduring. The value of an item is strongly tied to how long it's in style. We strive to find brands and products with enduring style rather than chasing short-lived trends and fads. Most products in our shop are at least inspired by classic styles that are likely to endure for years to come. 
  • Boutique. The definition of boutique is certainly subjective, and the criteria is more a preference than a requirement. We like discovering new brands and products so we can share them with you. When possible, we give preference to up-and-coming brands you may not have heard of yet. 
  • Sustainable. There's no specific definition of what makes an item sustainable, and since we don't make most of the items we sell, we have to go on the word of a vendor. We strongly prefer brands that care about sustainability and do things like use recycled material, provide good working conditions, and work to restore the environment. 

There are certainly other factors, but the five above are the major criteria we use when evaluating new products and brands. We hope these items matter to you as well because we want you to shop with confidence, knowing we've done some work when selecting brands. 

With that in mind, if you ever come across a brand you think would be a great fit, leave a comment below. And if you have questions or comments about or criteria, we'd love to hear your feedback!